Monday, 19 August 2013

Fort Rajdher

This hilly fort measured around 3500 ft from the sea level is the part of Satmal hill range.

How to reach

Rajdher fort can be accessible from the base village Rajdherwadi.
Rajdherwadi is 9 Km from Chandwad.
You can reach Chandwad via Nasik or Manmad.
Nasik to Chandwad distance is 65Km while from Manmad it is 24Km.

From Pune, you can first go to the Nasik via Bus and then to Chandwad.
Via Bus route: Pune-Nasik-Chandwad-Wadbare-Rajdherwadi
Via train route: Pune-Manmad-Chandwad-Wadbare-Rajdherwadi.

From Mumbai, you can opt for either of bus or train route as mentioned above.

Route to the fort is very well defined using white markings till the last shidi. Trek route starts from the backside of school in Rajdherwadi. You need ascend two small hills one by one and then small traverse to reach to the shidi.

Places to see on the fort

Fort entrance is totally destroyed. Iron shidi is installed to reach the fort.Near the iron shidi a well built water tank carved in the rock face. Once you reach to the fort, rocky staircases will take you to the top of fort. At the right side, one stone room structure is in good condition, might be used for storage or living. To the left side caves, broken temple and big pond  are there. At the highest point of fort, some water tanks and caves are present.
The thrilling patch of this fort is shidi patch.

You need to first climb small hill as seen behind the school.


Welcome on fort!!
sometime back there used to live a baba in this cave.

Awesome environment

Broken temple

Big pond

 Shidi is quite shaky at some spots. It is really terrifying experience but worth doing it!!


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  2. is their water present on the top of fort? Can we use this water for drinking

    1. Sorry for late response. No potable water on the fort. Better to bring it from base.

  3. The Farsi inscriptions on this fort , is there transcription / translation available anywhere?

  4. Sorry, not aware of the translation of the script. Also i didn't found it on google search.