Friday, 23 November 2012


Nasik region bpasts to have some of the most challenging as well as beautiful forts in the Maharashtra. Ratangad is one of such fort. Proudly claimed to be Jewel of Maratha Kingdom.

Route: Nasik- Ghoti- Bhandardara- Ratanwadi(Base village)

Started journey

Amazing nature....everywhere

way to bhandardara

Bhandardara dam

Amruteshwar temple, Ratanwadi

We asked at the village about the route to fort....and started our journey

Jungle route

One of the most beautiful place in Maharashtra

Final patch to fort..iron grilles installed in the rocks

Deadly sahyadri




water cisterns

Deep gorge

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bhimashankar via Shidi ghat

Bhimashankar is well known as one of the Jyotirlinga. When I started to explore trekking routes in sahyadri, I got know many trekking trails other than fort trekking. Bhimashankar route by Shidicha ghat is one of them. There are two trek routes from Khandas. One is Ganesh ghat which is simple walking route and another Shidicha ghat which consist of 3 shidi patches which needs to deal with care. Ganesh ghat route is longer but safe route in terms of difficulty level and probability of missing the trail whereas Shidicha route is somewhat tricky at some places. If you are trying shidicha route first time, then do take local villager with you. There are chances of missing the route.
Route: Pune - Karjat (via train) - Khandas ( via local transport/bus). If you are unable to catch state transport bus on time, there are jeeps who can help you to reach at Khandas. Do not hire direct Khandas jeep. They will ask you for unnecessary amount for the trip. Instead of that Catch jeep till Kadav then from Kadav take another jeep to Kashele and from Kashele take final jeep to Khandas.
To avoid multiple vehicle changing, better way to opt for state transport bus.

@ Karjat station

On the way to Khandas
From Khandas, 1-2 Km walk on tar road will lead you to the Kathewadi. From this point, Ganesh ghat and Shidi ghat route divides.

Trek trail pass besides a well. What a sweet water!!!!

Jungle way

You need to cross water body enroute.

First shidi

Fort Padargad at the far end..snap taken on 2010-winter season
Snap taken on Aug 2012

Padargad........Snap taken on Aug 2012........Beautiful

This was old route..little bit they have installed shidi here.

This was old route..little bit they have installed shidi here.

Hand grips made in  rocks

very little or no place to place foot.

New shidi placed till this point

Snap taken Two months back with new shidi installed:

it was winter season of 2010

Snap taken in Aug 2012

Last shidi

After crossing three shidi patches, you will reach to small plateau. There is small wadi on it called Padarwadi. You will get Tak, Nimbu-sharbat to freshen up.
Reached @ Padarwadi...situated on small plataeu.

You need to climb a hill to reach a dense jungle patch. Again steep ascend and then you will reach to Bhimashankar. It is really tiring at last phase.


Reached to Bhimashankar. We took 3 hrs to reach the temple.

  It was meditating trek for me. I was utterly satisfied after the completion of trek. From Bhimashankar you will get direct bus to Pune. Last bus to Pune is at 6.30 PM. So plan your trek accordingly. If you are planning to stay, there are enough places for it.