Monday, 5 November 2012

Malhargad aka Sonori cha killa

Malhargad, the fort boasts its history as last fort built by Maratha’s. Sardar Panse built this fort to keep watch on Dive Ghat and surrounding area. It is said that during the construction of fort, continuous stream of blood came out of digging site. Sardar Panse prayed to Lord Malhari(situated @ Jejuri) for stopping this stream and to had blessings to complete the fort. The blood stream actually stopped and fort got its name “Malhargad”. Some people also called it Sonori cha killa due to its base village ‘Sonori’

For reaching the fort, you need to go to Saswad. Many buses area available from Pune- Swargate bus stand. From Saswad, you can reach Sonori buy private vehicle.
There is also one route by Dive gaon. If you are going by bike or private car, just before Saswad take left turn from Dive gaon phata. The straight road goes to first Zendewadi and then Sonori.

Route to fort is simple. You can directly climb the fort with or without knowledge of regular route.
There are two temples on the fort. One is of God Malhari & one of Lord Shiva. Fort is small and take 40 minutes to see all of it.
Some water tanks(not potable water), entrance and the scenery around the fort.

In the Sonori village, There are remnants of Sardar Panse’s wada and Temple of Krishna. Worth to watch it!!!

It’s a nice ,short trek from Pune

Malhargad from base

water tank

Temple of God Malhari and Mahadeo

Main entrance

Panse wada


  1. You wont beleive I have trekked this place when in school...This place Sonori is my teachers hometown is name is Panse sir, who is Sarpanch of this place & who is creator of this place :) Happy to read about this place & my sir's achievement!! :)

    1. Sahi yaar!!! Sardar Panse built this fort and their Panse wada is still there @ Sonori village. Though not in good condition you can judge its richness.
      Ani lahanpani killa baghitala.......ata tar tu Swarajya chi jababdari ghyayla havi hoti...amchya trek-gang madhe yeun.. :)