Monday, 5 November 2012

Dhak Bahiri

Dhak bahiri is actually cave of Lord Bahiri. It is one the accomplished trek for sure.

Route: You need to reach Jambhivali to start the trek. From Kamshet you can get state transport buses or private jeeps going towards Jambhivali.

 From Jambhivali, well trodden route will lead you towards Kondheshwar temple. After walking 10-15 minutes you will reach at junction.
 At that junction you will see board installed by Vishwa Hindu Parishad. From that point Left route goes to Kondheshwar temple and Right one headed towards Dhak-Bahiri.
5 mins walk and you will see 2-3 huts. Turn towards right and follow the jungle path.
In rainy season there might be chances of missing the route due to fog and grass all over the route. Ask the route in the village if you are not confident.
After ascending small jungle route you need to cross waterfall. During rainy season enough care needs to be taken due to slippery surface of rocks. No issue for rest of the season. Cross the waterfall, ascend on small plateau. You will see first glimpse of Dhak Cave.
From this point, you will have to cross through jungle patch descending and then ascending to reach col in between Kalakarai pinnacle and the mountain in which Dhak cave carved.
Descend through the col. Be careful. Its slippery surface.
When descend completely, the last and the best patch of trek will have to be crossed. Enough grips, Irin railings and ropes at the final patch have been already installed. Still you need to be careful as exposure to deep valley is 100%.
There is another route from Lonavala. On the way to Rajmachi, you will get a diversion towards Dhak. 
But I would suggest to try the route from Jambhivali first.

Follow the photo sequence to get more information:

Started journey from Jambhivali

From this board, take left turn to go to Dhak bahiri cave

Sudhir, Pashya and Mahadeo

Kondheshwar Temple

Beautiful pond

Going exactly opposite direction to Dak Bahiri.....Missed the route  :)

Ended up in a  vast plataeu 

returning back to ask correct route

Got the right way

Again going wrong!!! Route was exactly opposite :)

First glimpse of Dhak.......amazing and fiery!!!!

Backside of cave

Jungle patch in between

Col between Kalakaray pinnacle and dhak 

Need to be to deep valley ahead

Route towards Dhak cave

Kalakarai pinnacle

Earlier there was nothing for support they have installed iron rods. Very useful

just a step space for going ahead

Iron rods installed on this patch....Snaps taken in 2013

we had a company of Pune group......Avg. age of group is 60 years... 

Climbing through rocky steps....full exposure to deep valley.....need to be careful!!!

New installation of iron grilles for support near rocky steps....extreme supportive for this patch...Snaps taken in 2013

Our inspiration.........70 years old Young Aaji!!!

Final climb is using two wooden bars and rops tied to them.....really frightened experience but worth doing it!!!!
Refer below snaps for latest  information of rock patches of Dhak-Bahiri...taken in 2013.

God Dhak Bahiri......Temple is enclosed with Iron Cage to Safeguard the idol.

Incredibly sweet water in the cave.......just Miracle!!!!!

U can stay in the cave



  1. awesome record of your travel. Good job!

  2. Hello Yash,
    Your blog is very informative and motivating.
    Just had few questions for you :- Are ropes necessary for this trek? and do you have any contact number who can drop us from Kamshet to Jambhivali.

    1. Hello Prashant,
      Ropes are not required for this trek as iron grilles has been setup for the entire traverse patch as well as vertical patch except final climbing towards the Lord Bahiri. But the wooden also secured with the rope so not to worry. Just be careful with the rocks falling from the top!! I do not have contact number from Kamshet village. But there is bus as well as jeep transport available for you to reach Jambhivali. If you have large group then you can negotiate with the jeep owner.
      I would always prefer to go by bike(from Pune) as it is near and we can have flexible time schedule( and cost effective too) :)....
      Let me know if you need any help. My contact number is 9881734290.

    2. Thanks Yash for the information...
      Actually we are planning to reach Kamshet at around 9 pm so I guess it is difficult to get a vehicle from Kamshet to Jambhivali...
      Anyways we will give a try...
      and once again Thanks a lot for the information...

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  4. Hey Yash,
    I almost read your all blogs, awesome and well explain.

    If you arrange any trek then call me or mail me :-

    Here is my email

    1. Thanks Uttam!! Currently I am rarely doing treks due to family responsibility. But once I restart, I'll let u know.

  5. hi yash.
    how long does it take from jambhivali to dhak cave?
    also; if we have our own car, is it safe to park at jambhivali?

    1. Hi Ramnik,
      It usually takes 2 to 3 hrs to reach Dhak cave from Jambhivali. It's safe to park vehicle at Jambhivali. No issue.

  6. We are a group of 12 students including girls. I have seen a picture in your blog mentioning 'Ladies not allowed'. Should we go then? Will the girls with us are allowed in the caves? If not is it a worth trek with girls with us? Hope you respond.

  7. girls are not allowed inside the caves bt they can halt outside the caves but there is no enuf space outside the caves so if you are planning to go with girls.. dnt halt at the top for too long.

  8. Hi Yash,
    planning to go on 18th Nov, i used to do treck last one was Kalavantin.apart from your blog most of the webpages stating its very hard so here i would like to know how difficult it is for reguler treker & wheather we need to bring ropes.Second;ly if we consider to treck with girls who never did the treck then how difficult it is .