Friday, 13 February 2015

Patnadevi- An unexplored historical place : Part 2

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Patnadevi-An unexplored historical place : Part 1

Kanhergad (Chalisgaon)

In the backdrop of Hemadpanthi mahadeo temple , you will find Kanhergad. The route starts besides the temple(keeping temple at right side). Follow the well trodden route and after 3-4 minutes walk, you should get Umbrella covered Samadhi built with cement. Start ascending route till it reached to first cave Nagarjuna cave. It is beautifully carved cave with statue of Bhagvan Mahavir. Continue the route and after 5 minutes you will reach to Sita nhani cave.
Nagarjun cave

Sita nhani cave

Follow the further route and after 10 minutes you will reach to rock patch  of Kanhergad. Before ascending it, just follow the route which traverses further which will lead you to the Shrungar Chavadi cave. Due to time restrictions, I was unable to see that cave. Rock patch is not difficult. You will have enough grips to reach at the top. But for the safe side, I would propose to carry rope(30ft is sufficient). There is very few structures remained on the fort like water tanks, fort walls at some places, Fort entrance(West side). You will get some amazing views of Gautala sanctuary from the top.
Image source: Google map

Rock patch of Kanhergad

water tank

water tank almost burried

Fort entrance...Good condition

view of sanctuary from the fort