Friday, 20 September 2013

Daulatmangal fort or Mangalgad

Daulatmangal fort is believe to be built during Yadav dynasty. Area of the fort is not as large as that of other sahyadri forts. All the fortification on the fort has been destroyed except remnants of a entry bastion and another door like structure.
The famous thing on this fort is temple of Bhuleshwar. It is the Lord Shiva temple, built in 1200AD.
What would be a superb architecture during its glorious days! All the sculptures are now in very bad shape because Aurangzeb's army destroyed all the Hindu temples along with its sculptures.

How to reach
It is 47Km from Pune. You can reach wither by Solapur highway or via Saswad.

I) Pune- Hadapsar-Loni Kalbhor-Uruali Kanchan- Yawat(Just before Yawat city , you need to take right turn from the highway. You can ask directions for Bhuleshwar. It is 8 Km from Yawat. Road condition is quite good and it is shortest possible route from Pune.
II) Pune-Hadapsar-Saswad-Pargaon Memane-Pisarve-Bhuleshwar. This route is longer than previous one. Route is single lane throughout.

Fort Entrance bastion

Bhuleshwar temple

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fort Kamalgad

Fort Kamalgad is situated in Wai taluka.

How to reach

You need to first reach Wai. Wai is situated on the route to Mahabaleshwar.
Pune to Wai distance is 92Km via Bangalore highway. Base village Tupewadi is 32 Km from Wai.

You need to catch bus going towards Vasole via Jambhali road. This route is utterly scenic during monsoons. Enroute you can see Pandavgad, Kenjalgad and Raireshwar plateau.
It will be good if you have private vehicle as frequency of the buses is very poor.

Bike route will be:
Pune-Shirval-Khambatki ghat-Wai(You need to take right turn from the highway)-Follow Menwli road from the Wai city-after Wadoli take left turn though a small bridge on Dhom dam backwater-Washivali-Vasole and finally to Tupewadi.

Trek route to fort is well trodden initially. As you gradually start ascending towards col between a hill and Kamlgad fort, many cattle route emerges out. It is advisable to confirm your directions with local people or shephards. One key is never try to take traverse which goes on descending. Always follow the ascending direction. Once you reach the col, take left turn and follow the Kamalgad fort route.

Places to see on fort
Once you reach on fort , you can see temple of Gorakshnath.Follow the route left side route. After walking 10 minutes you will reach to small plateau where a shepahard lives with family. You can ask about the route to highest point of fort.
Rocky surface of this highest point has kavechi (Geru) vihir(well). Not a single structure is left on fort.

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Some of the trek photos:

Pandavgad fort

School @ Tupewadi

Dhom dam wall

Col between Kamalgad and a hill

hut of a shepherd on fort

entrance to fort

Kavechi vihir @ highest point of fort

@ Top of fort