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Fort Indrai

This hilly fort measured around 4500 ft from the sea level is the part of Satmal hill range.

How to reach

Indrai fort can be accessible from the Rajdherwadi or Vadbare village.

From Indraiwadi:
Indraiwadi is 8 Km from Chandwad.
You can reach Chandwad via Nasik or Manmad.
Nasik to Chandwad distance is 65Km while from Manmad it is 24Km.

From Pune, you can first go to the Nasik via Bus and then to Chandwad.
Via Bus route: Pune-Nasik-Chandwad-Wadbare-Rajdherwadi
Via train route: Pune-Manmad-Chandwad-Wadbare-Rajdherwadi.

From Mumbai, you can opt for either of bus or train route as mentioned above.

From Wadbare:
Wadbare is 6Km from Chandwad. You need to follow same route as mentioned above.

Trek route

Trek route from Wadbare:
Trek starts from Wadbare village. Route is well trodden so not at all chances of missing the route. You need to first traverse for a while and then ascend a considerable distance to reach a plateau. Follow the direction ascending towards fort. There is small temple on this route. Once you reach the rock surface of fort, you need to climb the fort through rock cut staircases.

Trek route from Indraiwadi:
This route is again well trodden till the plateau. You need to ascend considerable distance to reach small plateau. Follow the direction which asceding in the direction of fort and after some distance follow the ascending-traverse route to reach extreme left end of fort. Follow the route going behind the fort. This is the junction where the trek route from Wadbare village meets Indraiwadi route.

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Places to see on fort

Welcome to fort

Route coming from Wadbare

Farsi script

Numerous caves

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