Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fort Harihar

Fort Harihar is situated in Trimbak range and built to keep watch on the trade route to Gujrat.
This fort was once belongs to Ahmadnagar dynasty.
This fort is triangular in shape with all the sides vertical. It gives natural protection to the fort. Only way to the fort is through rock cut steps.

How reach there:

From Pune:
From Shivajinagar bus stand, Pune; take direct bus going towards Trimbakeshwar. Prefer night journey.
@ Trimbakeshwar you can stay for a while to be freshening up. Enough guest houses are there to accommodate you.
From Trimbakeshwar bus stand ,take bus going towards Ghoti/Igatpuri via Khodala. Alight @ Nirgudwadi or Takehars. It is the base village for Harihar fort.

From Mumbai:
Go to Igatpuri. Follow the buses going towards Nasik/Trimbakeshwar via Khodala. Alight @ Nirgudwadi or Takehars. It is the base village for Harihar fort.
From Nasik:
Follow the road going towards Trimbakeshwar. Just before 4 KM of Tirmbakeshwar, take the road @ left turn going towards Khodala. After small ghat you will reach to Nirgudwadi or Takehars.

From Nirgudwadi, well trodden route takes you to the fort base, where famous rock cut steps will welcome you to the fort. Initial route to the fort from Nirgudwadi is quite confusing during monsoon due to paddy fields everywhere. Do confirm your directions with the local villagers. We took a school boy with us to the show the route.

Places to see:
Rock steps of these forts are very peculiar and mastery of architecture. After reaching the fort , follow the route going towards left side. There is Haunman Temple, broken Shiv ling and numerous water tanks enroute. Follow the same route ahead. There is intact structure of two rooms. 
Adjacent to it ,again 5 consecutive water tanks will greet you.

Image source:

Below awesome images by Shashikant Patil:

Rock cut staircases, most amazing patch on this fort

Hanuman temple


  1. Nice blog! It helped me plan my trek to Harihar last month! The maps of trekking routes are especially helpful to trekkers like me and my friends and hence, I have also provided a link to your blog in my post about best trekking blogs on Sahyadri :)
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