Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fort Lohgad

Lohgad is one of the most popular fort among Mumbai and Pune trekkers/tourists due to its vicinity with the two cities. It is around 55 Km from Pune.

How to reach there: From Pune, catch Local railway till Malvali station. Alight there and walk of 5-6 Km will lead you to the fort. Nowadays a tar road has been built till the base of the fort(where steps of the fort starts) so you can also go by bike. On the way there are lots of hotels to satisfy your hunger. Also you can see the ancient and awesomely crafted Bhaje caves enroute.
From Mumbai, reach Lonavla and from Lonavala catch Local till Malvali.

Places to see: Entrance to fort is still in good condition. 4 consecutive entrances made this fort stronger. On the fort a Durgah , A Shiv temple, Water tanks and Vinchu kada(Named because its appearance resembles like Scorpion), ruined structures will catch your attention. Also mesmerizing views of Pavna dam, Fort Tunf and Tikona.





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  1. Pictures are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Lohagad Fort or the Iron Fort is certainly one of the most spectacular sightseeing spots in the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala. The narrow, zig zag steps leading up to the fort are estimated to be about 500 in number. Check out all best places to visit near Pune also.