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Patnadevi- An unexplored historical place : Part 1

Patnadevi is one of the ancient, historical place in Maharashtra having many architectural evidences proving it. Patnadevi is situated in the middle of Gautala sanctuary. This is famous for temple of Goddess Chandika. Devotees around nearby places visit the temple to pay obeisance. Most of the architecture in the temple is in dilapidated condition, but still one can sense the old age of the temple. River Dongari originates and flows besides the temple. This temple is said to be built in 11th century during Yadav dyanasty.

There are many places to see around this sanctuary. Some of them are:
  • Temple of Goddess Chandika built in 11th century
  • Temple of Mahadeo built in 12th century
  • Dhavaltirth waterfall
  • Kedarkund waterfall
  • Pitalkhora caves
  • Sita caves, Nagarjun caves, Shrungar chavadi cave
  • Fort Kanhergad

How to reach Patnadevi:

There are 2 ways to reach Patnadevi. Most prominent of them is via Chalisgaon. Distance between Patnadevi and Chalisgaon is 18km. You can reach chalisgaon by train from Mumbai or Pune. You can also try state transport bus.

To reach Patnadevi, you will get ST bus from chalisgaon or opt for private jeeps. You can get jeeps at Ghatroad area.

Another way to reach Patnadevi is Pune->Aurangabad->Kannad. From Kannad you need to hire private vehicle to reach Pitalkhora caves. These caves are near to the Kalimath ashram(famous landmark). From Pitalkhora, a well-trodden route descends down to the temple of Patnadevi.

Entrance of Gautala sanctuary

Patnadevi temple

mythological infromation


Sight seeing information

You will get information regarding animals,trees and birds present in the sanctuary

statue of Bhaskaracharya

Forest walk

Machan...used to keep watch on wood thieves as well as wild animals

Dhawaltirth waterfall

Hemadpanthi Mahadeo temple:

This temple is built on 8ft high platform. Temple is beautifully decorated with many sculptures on the pillers , roof. Though many of them are not in good shape. It is said that the temple is built in 12th century by Nikumbh dynasty.

scipts in the temple


Pitalkhora caves:

These are Hinayan period 14 rock-cut caves dated back to the 3rd century. Most of the carvings on the face of caves has been fall away due to antiquity . Out of these caves some are chaityas and remaining vihars.
You can also locate Buddha paintings on the inner walls and pillers of a chaitya. Currently, there is restoration work is going on for these caves.

Whole cliff fallen on the ground; all the carvings on the face of cave vanished.




Some incomplete caves

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Patnadevi-An unexplored historical place : Part 2


  1. IS there any facility to stay at Patanadevi temple for night ?

  2. IS there any facility to stay at Patanadevi temple for night ?

    1. Hello Vijayendra, there is guest house near Patnadevi temple. You may stay there. But you need prior permission.
      Go early to visit the Patnadevi. Enquire near the guest house about booking. Sanctuary closes at 6.00pm so you need to be ready with the option for staying. Otherwise Chalisgaon would be good option for stay. Only 18Km from Patnadevi.
      Unfortunately I do not have contact number of the person who does the guest house booking.

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  4. Will you please tell me the way towards the waterfall ...dhaval can i reach their...


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