Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fort Jivdhan

It is situated just aside Naneghat. The fort was built to keep watch on ancient trade route via Naneghat. Fort route is completely destroyed by Britishers. But the rock patches have enough man-made grips to climb it easily. During rainy season, it is advisable to take guide from Ghatghar village, as dense vegetation might confuse you.
We have climbed from Ghatghar route and descended through Naneghat route.

How to reach: Pune - Rajgurunagar- Narayangaon - Junnar - Aptale - Ghatghar(Base village)

Aptale to Ghatghar route is worst

@ Ghatghar village.....first glimpse of Jivdhan in the fog

Heading towards fort...we took guide from the village

Too slippery route

first rock patch to climb...enough grips 

Awesome view
Store house..still  going strong

Nanacha Angatha from Jivdhan..Spectacular view





we took too much time while descending due to slippery surface.

Khada Parsi ( Vanar lingi pinnacle)

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