Monday, 8 June 2015

Fort Udgir

Marathwada has few land forts which are famous for its intact structures and trekkers would definitely enjoy the old structures. One of such fort is Udgir.
Udgir is named after famous Saint Udagir maharaj. The fort has temple of Udagir maharaj adjacent to big well.
Most of the time the fort is ruled by Sultans, Mughals and Nizam.
Being a land fort, it has 40ft trench as a first level of defence. Almost all the part is now buried under soil. Forts entrance is still in good condition. There are lot of structures by which you derive the importance of the fort.
ASI has started restoring the strucutres but they actually ruing the antiquity of those buildings. You can clearly disgusted by the way they have restore the old buildings.
Topmost part of the fort has a cannon. There are few potable water tanks well hidden under shrubs.
To enter the fort you need to show your ID card(any one) due to past mis-happenings.
I truly impressed by the structures and old buildings in the fort.

You can reach the Udgir fort by bus or private vehicle. Fort is situated in Udgir city.




Tench around fort; now totally buried


Water tank

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